Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Clint Eastwood

I am pretty sure that my friend Will (probably the biggest film nerd other than myself that I know) is coming over to my apartment in a little bit. When he comes over we are probably going to watch a movie. Right now I'm thinking we should watch a Clint Eastwood film. Why, you ask? Because Clint Eastwood is the biggest badass to have ever been in modern American film! His facial expressions, line delivery, classic smirk make for a great American film. "Now I know what you thinking ... Did he shoot six shots or only five? Well, you've gotta be asking yourself ... Do I feel lucky? ... Well do ya punk?" That is one of the most iconic lines from any American film and it comes from Dirty Harry, the film that was Eastwoods major American breakthrough role, although he was widely known at the time for the Man With No Name Trilogy. So I figure when Will comes over I might have to pop in "Dirty Harry/Magnum Force/The Enforcer/Sudden Impact/The Dead Pool" on Blu-Ray from my Dirty Harry Ultimate Collectors Edition (which by the way is the best Blu-Ray collection available besides Blade Runner Five Disc Complete Collectors Edition and The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration). I think everyone should watch a Dirty Harry movie every once in a while ...

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