Sunday, November 2, 2014

John Wick

I haven't made a post in over a year, but today I saw a film that warranted one. Something so powerful, so uplifting, so ... JOHN WICK. Words cannot begin to describe the joyful mayhem that ensues in this film. SOMEONE WANTS JOHN WICKS CAR, JOHN WICK DOES NOT SELL CAR, SOMEONE COMES TO HIS HOUSE, HITS HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A LEAD PIPE, KILLS HIS DOG (THAT HIS WIFE GAVE HIM FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!), AND STEALS HIS CAR. This is about the first ten or so minutes. The next hour and twenty six minutes are dedicated to Mr. Wick COMPLETELY fucking up every single person that he sees.

Let me start off by saying this movie must hold the record of most headshots by a single person. John Wick shoots everyone in the face, and every time he does it gets better and better. At one point he grabs some Russian body guard by the goatee, pulls down on it, smashes his face into a table, and then shoots him in the head ... TWICE! This guy really cannot be stopped. There are only two times when he is knocked on the ground (both times) BY FUCKING SUBURBAN TRUCKS SLAMMING INTO HIM.  One time it was a Suburban THAT GOT PUSHED INTO HIM BY ANOTHER ONE!

Just when you thought Hollywood could never crank out a solid action movie again here comes this thing: THE ULTIMATE FUCKDOWN OF MOVIES. The action, blood splatter, straight up knife violence is some of the best I have ever seen period. But thats what makes this movie so good. It does not take itself seriously in the slightest and how can it when TWO CHEVROLET SUBURBANS can't take this guy out. This movie was so much fun I wanted to stay in the theater and watch it start all over again. If you like action movies this is easily one of the best popcorn revenge flicks ever made. 10/10 (on the action movie scale)