Friday, June 15, 2012


Last week I saw "Prometheus" in IMAX 3D at midnight opening night. It was a really wild experience in many different aspects. The first being the film itself. The fact that it is in IMAX and in 3D was a first time combination for me and it was pretty mind blowing. I am not a real big 3D person but when its done right it serves its purpose (whatever that may actually be).

Here is the real deal on this movie. It looks fantastic ... sounds fantastic ... has some fantastic scenes ... but is taken down a few pegs due to corny dialogue and undeveloped characters. Some of the dialogue (especially a couple one liners) were absolutely not funny and very painful to hear. I've never seen Charlize Theron try so hard to actually act in a film ever. She is such a great actress but clearly did not have proper material to work with. Although I will give credit to Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace who both really gave it their all and it shows with standout performances.

Another issue that I had with the film was the score. If they were trying to go for an "Alien" type score they failed miserably. It does not fit in to the film whatsoever. Besides those two complaints (which are actually pretty big ones) I enjoyed the film thoroughly. From a visual aspect it was great (cinematography and set design were on point) and there were some really tense scenes which I appreciated greatly. The conclusion of the film is the real payoff though. Be prepared for inevitable sequels. 7/10

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