Monday, June 25, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom as most of you well know is the new Wes Anderson film. It has been a huge limited release hit bringing in a record for most limited release ticket sales of all time. Pretty much every person who has seen it that I have talked to absolutely loved it (many of which are calling it there favorite Wes Anderson film). I say lets not get carried away here. Wes Anderson for a man his age has already made so many great films. Look back on Rushmore or The Royal Tennenbaums which are probably my two favorite films of his. You could even take a look at Bottle Rocket (his first film) and see plenty of glimpses of genius there.

Moonrise Kingdom is a very touching story. It may be the closest Wes has ever come to making an "absolutely human" movie. With this film Wes Anderson has done something that he has done time and time again. That would be the "coming of age" story. But the reason why this film is so effective is that for the first time besides Rushmore he is actually dealing with children that are "coming of age". This is unlike his other films. A good example of what I am getting at would be The Royal Tennenbaums. In The Royal Tennenbaums the better part of the characters are adults who are extremely childish, and by the conclusion of the film they "come of age" and learn their life lessons.
But in this film the two main characters are probably the most effective and touching characters Wes has ever written (with Roman Coppola) and the performances by the lead and supporting kids were all really great.

Another point that I am hearing from major fans of this film is this: "It doesn't look like any other film he has ever made". In my opinion that is completely ridiculous statement. Wes uses the same exact color palette and shooting techniques (French New Wave inspired) that he has used in all of his films. If their is one thing that I can appreciate about Wes Anderson it is the world he has created for himself. Saying that it looks different than anything else he has ever done discredits his creativity and his style that he has always worked in. It is the way he views the world around him (which has also been very childish). You know when you are getting in to a Wes Anderson movie as soon as any of these things flash in front of your face or you hear a newly composed song by Mark Mothersbaugh.

Overall, I found Moonrise Kingdom to be a very good film. There has not been one film that Wes Anderson has made that ever really let me down. I will say that this is the best ensemble cast that he has ever put together. But don't let the hype confuse you. This film is more of the same (which really isn't a bad thing ... or is it?). 8/10

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